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Friends and Relations


Morris is very sociable and we have made some very good friends.


This is not an exhaustive list but we like it when we get together and recommend these people!


Chippenham Town Morris gave us our first steps in Morris. They provided our first musicans and were original teachers for the Side and  remain our great friends. They are entertaining and well worth watching. They are also the first Morris  Side to have appeared on Top of the Pops, albeit as part of the gloriously weird video for The Safety Dance by Men Without Hats.


Hips and Haws dance clog, garland and all things North-West. They also hail from Chippenham and bring grace and elegance to the affair!


Brighton Morris hail from Sussex and are one of the best morris sides in the country!


Harberton Navy Morris originate in Devon and they were huge fun at the 2015 Chippenham Folk Festival. They perform with massive flags as well as sticks, hankies (and buckets)!


Blackpowder Morris are from Lewes in Sussex. They are an explosive Side with a dancing dragon!



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